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Paddy’s Lunch is the oldest family owned pub in Cambridge – serving cold beer and warm friends since 1934. Winners of the 2012 Improper Bostonian award for Boston’s Best Dive Bar, they are a popular neighborhood fixture.

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House of Chang

House of Chang is a Chinese Restaurant located on Concord Ave., with additional locations in Lexington and Newton. They serve a wide selection of classical Chinese dishes, as well as Chinese-Mediterranean fusion dishes, all prepared using the freshest, highest quality ingredients. In addition to dining at House of Chang, they also offer take-out and delivery.

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Trattoria Pulcinella

Trattoria Pulcinella is an Italian restaurant located on Huron Ave, owned by¬†Giovanni and Maria Oliva. Their cuisine is prepared in the Mediterranean style, which they explain is “the kingdom of olive oil, garlic, olives, capers and shellfish.” There is a focus in their cuisine on tastes and aromas that are characteristically lower in calories and […]

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Concord Avenue Cafe

Concord Avenue Cafe is a small cafe located on Concord Ave. They serve a variety of different food items, including coffee and pastries, sushi and other asian-inspired dishes, sandwiches and salads, bubble tea and ice cream.

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Hi-Rise Bread Company

Hi-Rise is a popular family-owned bakery located on Concord Ave. They offer fresh-baked bread and pastries daily, and also serve up a selection of coffee and tea drinks. In addition to their expansive beverage and pastry menu, they also offer a variety of lunch options including sandwiches and soups, as well as a small selection […]

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T.W. Food

In the T.W. kitchen, we develop a style that is based on the purity of our ingredients. To us, this means finding people who raise animals correctly and humanely, who forage our woods for mushrooms and who grow herbs, flowers and vegetables for local consumption using old-fashioned methods. As cooks, these raw materials are then […]

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